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Tracking for Parents
  • TeenTrack - Teenager GPS Car Tracking
  • TeenTrack - Teenager GPS Car Tracking
  • TeenTrack - Teenager GPS Car Tracking
  • TeenTrack - Teenager GPS Car Tracking
  • TeenTrack - Teenager GPS Car Tracking
  • TeenTrack - Teenager GPS Car Tracking

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why would I need TeenTrack?
There are many reasons you may need a GPS tracking device. Here are some of them:
• Locate a vehicle in case of theft 
• Locate a vehicle in case of breakdown
• Monitor the speed and driver behaviour of your teenager and use this knowledge to work with your teenager to promote safe driving habits
• Have knowledge of where your vehicle has been or currently is.
Q: How does it work?
TeenTrack is a GPS unit that uses Global Positioning Satellites to determine the precise location of a vehicle and records its position at regular intervals. The recorded location data can be stored within the tracker or can be used in conjunction with your own PC. Reports can then be printed out and used as a basis for discussing good driving habits with your child. It can also be used in the event of an accident or breakdown. The location is available in order to reach your teenager quickly and safely.
Q: Does the TeenTrack system work in any vehicle?
Yes - it can be installed into any vehicle such as a car, lorry, motor home, tractor, horsebox etc. We recommend contacting us for further information on other types of transport.
Q: Do I need a mobile phone to use TeenTrack?
No, all you need is a PC or any internet enabled device with an internet connection and a vehicle to track!
Q: What about installation?

Installation takes 30-60 minutes. Please contact us for a price if you would like us to professionally install for you or for instructions on fitting. The tracking device should be professionally installed deep inside the dash board.

Q: What warranty do I have?
Teentrack offer a 12 month manufactures return to base warranty on all devices.
Q: What are the additional features of the system?

• Historical replay of the journeys and showing all stops and speeds.
• Traffic overlays showing traffic issues on the roads.
• Multi point route planning.
• Distance from locations.
• Service module for mot, tax, insurance and service reminders.

Q: What reports are available?
Reports can be easily scheduled and emailed on a daily or weekly basis.
The following reports are available.
• Trip stops
• Journey
• Idle
• Detailed
• Driver behaviour (based on harsh acceleration, braking and cornering.
• Odometer
• Distance travelled.
• Zone visits (geofences)
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