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Having a motorhome gives the the opportunity of freedom.  But do you worry about your motorhome and the contents being stolen?  Motorhome theft is dropping, mainly due to improved security systems.

A GPS tracker is a small device fitted to your vehicle which can then give you the knowledge that if the worst happens, you can track your vehicle instantly.  The tracker can tell you the exact location of your motorhome, so the police can intercept instantly.  It also works throughout Europe.

How it works:
Battery operated last 60 days before recharging
No fiitting cost - easily attached
GPS satellite ensures that it is accurate to 5m
Regular updates - SMS texts sent to your phone so that you can get the location of your motorhome
PAYG SIM contract with mobile phone provider so you are in charge of costs, price of a text
We will send you full fitting details on purchase.  At Teentrack, we understand the tracking business, so you can be left to enjoy your leisure time.
Insurance Policies:
GPS trackers can also reduce your insurance policies. 

Please call us now on 0845 257 2245 for a chat.  We are more than happy to talk to you about how trackers work.  It really is that simple.


Other uses:

Horse trailers
Farm equipment
in fact, most valuable assets

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